This worst-person143482137323574was written in 2013.   I hesitated to read this because of the reviews.  They weren’t bad but rather just different.  I was afraid of falling out of love with one of my favourite writers.  Well fear not, Dougie.  You are still on my Valentine’s list. I. Loved. This. Book.  While I would never, ever recommend this to the faint of heart or my mother’s book club due to, well, language, content and overall unappealing mental visuals, it was a subway book in spades. Raymond Gunt truly is the worst person ever.  Self-serving to a fault.  The protagonist’s ex-wife offers him a job as a B-unit cameraman working on a survival-style show in the south Pacific.  After he finds the assistant he wishes to take along, hijinx ensue.   Billy Elliot will never be the same.

I give this book 3.6 red plastic things out of 4.

317 pages – Random House Canada