downloadThe old saying goes that the joy is in the journey.  Or that anticipation is half the fun.  Well I truly had time to anticipate this as I was 543rd on the wait list for this book.   I kept hearing about it and seeing posters plastered on the subway.   I was thrilled when it finally arrived.   It is a story about  a Rainman-esque genetics professor using logic to attempt to find a wife.  Along the way he helps an acquaintance, Rosie,  search for her real father.  I get that the Prof with the Asperger’s symptoms has a tough time interacting with ‘regular folk’, but by the middle of the story Simsion has this guy speaking like Spock (RIP) –  “ Love Does Not Compute. Can’t Understand Such Human Emotion”.   Okay, okay I did like two parts of this book – the beginning and the end.  No really, the end was kind of worth the slog.  Not on my top 10 list for the year, but everyone else loves it, so perhaps it is a case of ‘what do I know about these things’?

324 pages  HarperCollins