Okay, what is wrong with me?  A SECOND book translated from the original Quebecois. I vow to read book jackets more carefully.17120581  This novel weaves the stories of Montreal neighbours who need to help one another endure the famous ice storm of 1998.  Only this was bad. Very,very,bad. The book.  Not the storm.  Well, no, the storm was bad, but this?  It reads like a harlequin reject.  First we have the stripper who houses the Russian mathematician.  Then the gay couple who take in the racist and his son, only to completely rehabilitate the man using  two psych sessions and a bottle of Scotch whiskey.  And finally we have the child who asks the sky for help when his parents decided to end their marriage just hours before the storm.  I know I have to suspend disbelief for fiction but this was asking a little too much of me.  I cringed visibly about 3 times. For that reason alone I cannot recommend this novel but I will say this; I really, really liked the cover.

2007 HarperCollins  246 pages.