“… my father, who must’ve accidentally spilled a bobcat on him “

lets “ I was belting out Bonnie Tyler and crying while swinging around a machete over a partially disturbed grave.”

“ screaming pumas are my new soundtrack”

The five-foot metal chicken.

“Half of a squirrel arrived in the mail today”

Quirky is my favourite genre.  And this book has it, in spades.

Let’s Pretend has been on my radar for some time, having long admired the cover, but I was not familiar with the author.  I should have picked it up sooner.

I need to be Jenny’s best friend.  Stuff happens to this woman.  Good.  Bad.  Either way, it begets a story and I want a front row seat to her life.  This memoir is a great start.  I laughed out loud while riding the subway the benefits of which are twofold; I am highly entertained plus I get more room when fellow passengers move away warily.   This will no doubt be my favourite funny read of the year.

But be forewarned. Jenny Lawson is a close personal friend of the F-word.  And she uses it both artfully and with abandon. This is NOT a book for your mom’s book club.   But for me?  It hit all the marks and I am actually rating it an extremely rare –

4.97 stuffed squirrels out of 5.  (lose .03 marks simply because the book ended)

2012   Penguin Books  319 sorrowfully short pages.