So.  Imagine your sister hands you a book and insists it as an absolutely must-read.

You agimagesCASGMURGree to add it to your list simply because she is older and therefore, supposedly, wiser.  But after the first four pages you lose a little focus and consider putting it down.  Well, if it is All the Light We Cannot See, I highly recommend you continue – by page 5 you’ll be hooked.

Marie-Laure is a blind French girl who relies on her father for both her needs, education, and eventually, her independence.   Werner lives in a German orphanage with his younger sister.    He is naturally inquisitive and becomes sought after for his knowledge of radios; a gift that works both to his detriment and as his salvation.   Their stories eventually intersect within the context of World War II in the French town of Saint-Malo.

In 2014 this was ranked one of the top ten books by the New York Times. It was a National Book Award Finalist.  And it won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

I give this book both high praise and an even higher recommendation.  Guaranteed you will be so engrossed you will miss your subway stop.  Several times.   And though we disagree on one chapter of the book,  it turns out the wise(r) sister was right.

2014  Scribner  530 pages