Because teachers threatening job action was usurping headlines recently, I thought I would take a walk on the wild side (if not the potential picket line) and try to look at this thing from the perspective of a teacher. Well, a previous teacher.  Gerry Dee is a Canadian comedian and actual former Phys. Ed. teacher who wrote aboutteaching-by-gerry-dee-cover-image life at the front of the classroom.  He taught for 10 years in and around the Toronto school system and apparently was pretty good at the gig.  And he assures us that teachers are, technically, human.  They have students they like, those they dislike, good days, bad days and they WILL get back at you som143482137323574ehow if you swear at them.  High school students take note: this should be mandatory reading – get the inside scoop on the psyche of YOUR teachers.  Arm yourselves! The book is fast, funny and insightful.

With their annual 11 weeks of vacation time, I will never, ever feel sorry for a teacher, but I enjoyed the (hilarious) lessons about their special kind of suffering.

I give Gerry Dee 3.2 sticks of chalk out of 4.7.  You do the math.

2012 Doubleday 268 pages